Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top X Ray Technician Posts Of 2010

As you may have noted by the decrease in posts on this site, 2010 was a busy year. Too busy to keep up with this blog! However, you kept on visiting and we have kept growing in the background. You just don't know it yet ;-) As we look to 2011, we first want to look back to see where we came from in 2010, namely the top posts over the past year:

As we look ahead into 2011, we are going to work on providing more regional information about xray technician schools and careers around the country. We will also aim to provide more targeted information and partner with other sites that will assist in your search to be the best you you can be. Why not today? Why not now? Let's make 2011 the first year of the rest of your life - happy new year!