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X Ray Technician Jobs In California

In any career, jobs types and compensation vary state by state. There are many factors involved, such as supply of medical facilities, demand for medical services, and cost of living in the area. A radiologic technology career is no different. The x-ray technician is affected by the same trends that affect any other healthcare field.

California Radiologic Technologist Jobs

Working in California has advantages and disadvantages, as one might imagine. For many people outside of California, the disadvantages come to mind first. Cost of living is higher in California due to the large number of people vying to live in a few large cities primarily. Also, the state has a 9.5% sales tax as well as an income tax. Also, the higher density means that there are more technologists in the job market, which drives down salaries. Not to mention, in certain areas, traffic can be a major issue, to such a degree that it can affect your quality of life.

Still, living in California has many career positives. The state has a wonderful climate on average, with many opportunities to pursue activities outside of work. Whether you are an urban creature or outdoor enthusiast, there is something in California for you. Additionally, even though costs of living are higher, compensation generally is slightly higher as well relatively to the national average to help one maintain a household. Furthermore, while there is more competition for jobs, there are more medical facilities in general, which translates into more job opportunities for x ray technicians. If you are good at maintaining your budget, you can live quite well in California on an x ray technician's salary.

California X Ray Technician Salary

Generalizing is always a difficult task. However, a few examples might help. This recent posting for a radiology manager shows the earnings potential of an x-ray technician in California, specifically the Silicon Valley:
Our client is a unique healthcare provider that is committed to meet the community needs into the 21st century.

They are seeking a Radiology Manager who has great leadership skills and can maintain a great standard of quality. They will supervise all technical aspects of the department in regards to services, programs, and evaluations of such programs.

Salary: $120k-130k
Excellent Benefit Package
No Relocation for this position

We wish to thank all applicants for applying to this job opening, however only those candidates with qualifying skill sets will be contacted.
· CRT (California Radiologic Technologist license)
· Must have budget experience
· Knowledge of all regulation to the practice of radiology and relating radiology administration
· Strong interpersonal skills, customer focused, high volume outpatient

Yes, you read correctly: a six figure salary as an x-ray technician in a high demand area. Here is another example:
Be a part of what sets us apart. Sure, hospitals get recognized by the technology they possess. But what they truly take pride in is the committed people they employ. At Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital, were looking for a different kind of healthcare professional. The kind that knows medicine is the priority, but only when accompanied by compassion and respect.


You will oversee the day-to-day operations of the MRI/CT, including patient flow, staffing and hiring. You will also perform general and specialized radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures or CT/MRI studies. We require a valid, current CA certificate for diagnostic radiology (CRT) and satisfactory completion of a formal radiologic technology training program from a JCERT approved school. A valid ARRT, fluoroscopy permit and BCLS are preferred, as are at least 3 years of MRI experience and supervisory background.


As it should be clear by now, many lucrative opportunities exist for x-ray technicians in California. Upcoming posts will discuss how to get x-ray technician training in California, as well as specific job markets in the area. Get searching today!

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john said...

If I were the employer, one thing that I would definitely looking for in positions like this is the history of the applicant's radiologic technology continuing education. If the applicant is always getting the required hours every two years, the applicant will definitely be one of the people I would consider.